What is an Oil Change?


A lot of people are getting attracted to auto maintenance these days because they notice that they can save more money if they maintain their vehicles properly. Before, a lot of people did their own auto maintenance like tune-ups. They even did their own oil change and any kind of repairs, they try to do everything on their own. And since the advancement of technology created a lot of advance cars, these owners are now unable to perform their own auto maintenance so, they need help from professionals. Learn more aboutĀ Round Rock Brake Service, go here.

Since these people would want to cut back on their expenses, they are back to doing simple auto maintenance like changing brake pads and oil change. These are things that you can do inside your own garage. The task may be simple but you still have to watch out and make sure that safety is your number one priority. It could be very dangerous if you do not have axle stands to support the weight of your car when you are working under it, using makeshift axle stands will be pretty risky. Find out for further details onĀ Round Rock Brake Repair right here.

When you want to do some oil change, make sure that you have everything already before you start with the task. You will need an oil filter plus you have to make sure that the oil is in proper amount and proper weight. It is important to have a drain pan ready so that once you open up the car, the oil will just fall on the drain pan. If you have no idea about the proper amount and weight of the oil that you need, you can always check the service manual to be sure. If you have no service manual in your place, you can always check for that kind of information on the internet, that will always work.

When you want to do those tasks, make sure that you have already properly warmed up your car, starting it with a cold car can be bad. It will take some time to drain the oil if your car is still cold. You will be needing axle stands for simple auto maintenance, you start by jacking up the car so that there will be space to crawl under and you will be safe because the weight of the car is supported by the axle stands. They will be very stable instead of using just the jack. You can now put the drain pan in under the engine and remove the drain plug. By removing the plug, it will drain out all of the used oil into the pan. When everything is drained out of the engine, you can start by putting the plug back and you start by putting the new oil into the engine and you will be good to go in just a couple of minutes.